Cooperation with JSA-Group

Our close cooperation with major Finnish conveyor systems manufacturers and our more than two decades of experience ensure your project will run smoothly ‒ whether it is extensive and challenging or only involves small-scale installations and commissioning.
The cornerstone of our operations is commitment to quality and competence. We work to make it show in every project we do for our clients.
Our employees are highly professional and devoted to supporting our clients. For us, responsibility means having genuine interest in the success of our clients’ projects.

Some of our clients

BMH Technology
BMH Technology Oy
BMH Technology supplies solid fuel handling solutions for power plants.
Kpa Unicon
Kpa Unicon oy
Kpa Unicon Oy provides sustainable and local energy-production solutions for heat and power plants that run on bio-based fuels.
Ep Snetec Oy
Ep Snetec Oy
Ep Snetec Oy is a company specialising in contracting and the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the water and wastewater industry. Their services include design work, manufacture and installation.
Raumaster Oy
Raumaster Oy is a supplier of advanced material handling and processing equipment for the timber and energy industries.
Prima Power
Prima Power
Finn-Power Oy (part of Prima Industrie S.p.A.) is a company specialising in sheet metal processing machinery and systems. Their operations span laser cutting, perforation, angular shearing and bending on all levels of automation from machine tools to flexible storage systems.