Our main areas of expertise are industrial installations, maintenance and modernisation.

We install solid biomass fuel processing systems, conveyor systems for the timber and paper industries, loose-loaded cargo conveyor and handling systems, as well as food industry equipment.

Conveyor systems

  • Solid biomass fuel processing systems for heating plants.
  • Conveyor and processing systems for the paper industry.
  • Conveyor systems for the timber industry.
  • Loose-loaded goods handling, processing and packaging equipment.
  • Conveyors and equipment for the food industry.
  • Peat/woodchip conveyors for heating plants.
  • Machinery and equipment

  • Boilers and auxiliary equipment for power plants.
  • Sheet metal processing stations.
  • Waste recycling systems.
  • Equipment for the water and wastewater industry.
  • Marine propulsion equipment.
  • Material handling and storage equipment of various kinds.
  • Installation and commissioning

    JSA-Group does turnkey installations as well as smaller maintenance and servicing projects. We also provide installation supervision or commissioning for your project no matter where it is located in the world.

    We have completed dozens of Prima Power installations per year all across the globe. Prima Power is one of the leading sheet metal processing systems.